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Bespoke ERP

Bespoke ERP is an enterprise resource planning software solution. It is a hybrid of pre-built and bespoke software. Pre-built modules like customers, orders and employee management (see the full list below) are included providing features than are commonly required by businesses. The bespoke element is the custom development services offered by King Creation Ltd using the pre-built modules as a base. In this way companies can focus their development budget on customisation and features that are unique to their business. Bespoke ERP can become the central hub of your business pulling in data from different systems on the Internet and your own internal network. It greatly increases data visibility, communication and sharing business knowledge. The solution can reduce or eliminate wasteful and error prone processes like re-keying, duplication, copying and pasting and manual data transfers. It reduces the reliance on Excel spreadsheets and amateur development solutions preventing siloed data, business knowledge and processes.  
Pre-Built Modules
  • Customers
    • Contact management
    • Orders management
    • Product / Services management
    • Reports
  • Suppliers
    • Contact management
    • Purchase orders management
  • Personnel 
    • Timesheets
    • Holiday tracking
  • User Access management
Optional Modules
  • Sage Line 50 invoice connector
  • Sage payroll timesheet connector
  • WooCommerce website integration
  • Other pre-built modules as they become available in the future.
  Customisation Options
  • Bespoke features and modules
  • Modification of existing modules
  • Bespoke reports and dashboards
  • Integration with data sources, websites, databases and software
  • Integration with other brands of accounts software.

Our Process

Bespoke ERP will be customised to suit your business. New features, modules, reports and integrations can be added to Bespoke ERP as required.


Bespoke ERP will be installed on your network, training and on-going support are provided.