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Windows Apps

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  • Services

Azure Cloud

  • Cloud powered apps
  • Conversion to Azure
  • Web apps

Microsoft Access

  • Conversion to different formats

Microsoft Excel

  • Excel spreadsheets to an App conversions


  • Eliminate re-keying
  • Automate business processes
  • Reduce errors


  • Access
  • SQL server
  • Azure SQL
Many companies are still using repetitive paper based systems that are inefficient, involving duplication and the manual transfer of information to accounts and other IT systems. King Creation have worked with many clients, helping them to automate their processes and freeing up staff to concentrate on other areas. Solutions can range from a simple desktop application to networked databases and Intranets and Web based systems.   Please contact us for a free consultation to see how much time we can save you.

Case Study – Employment Agency

King Creation created a bespoke system for an employment agency which allowed them to integrate their online candidate registration, booking, payroll and invoicing systems with ACT, Payroll and Accounts Line 50, eliminating a large amount of laborious administrative tasks.
  • Candidate registrations are automatically downloaded from their web site and imported into ACT
  • An intranet based booking and diary system enables all members of staff to create, allocate, edit and administer bookings both over the intranet and remotely via the Internet.
  • Payroll is calculated and imported into Sage Payroll with the click of a button
  • Invoicing is calculated and imported into Sage Invoicing with the click of a button

Case Study – Manufacturing Company

King Creation created a bespoke system to automate the processing of orders, production and employee bonuses integrated with Sage Line 50 accounts eliminating a large amount of paper work and administration.
  • Integration with Accounts Line 50 ordering system
  • Production data entry into a bespoke database system
  • Easy assignment of production tasks
  • Printable production sheets
  • Automatic quality and employee bonus calculations